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Meet people, communicate with friends, write stuff into guestbooks... Sure, most web portals provide these things. So, why register here? It's easy, Nightshade gives you more! Raffles, advantages for our store-customers, lots of additional functions like an event-reminder, all these are specials for people who want to use our free service.

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French-/Duel-Commander Turnier, 04.05., CP Duisburg
von Otti

25.04.2018, 19:31:00
French-/Duel-Commander Turnier, 06.04., CP Duisburg
von Otti

04.04.2018, 19:05:55
French-/Duel-Commander Turnier, 02.03., CP Duisburg
von Otti

26.02.2018, 17:08:04
French-/Duel-Commander Turnier, 02.02., CP Duisburg
von Otti

25.01.2018, 17:34:04
French-/Duel-Commander Turnier, 05.01., CP Duisburg
von Otti

27.12.2017, 14:58:25
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Some advantages in overview

- Create a profile, introduce you to other users, write them messages! And if you like them, you can add them to your friends list.
- Collect token to get benefits on several parts of Nightshade
- Take part in free raffles (at the moment for german citizens only)
- Write comments in our magazine, to let others know about your opinion
- Become a registered customer in our online store, to order easier and benefit from bonus features
- You do have an own website? Recommend it for our links
- Rate and review shop items, downloadable songs and links, to help others wit their decisions

These are just a few examples of benefits, a free registration gives you. There are many other functions planned for the future, or already installed. Registration is and will alway be free of charge and only takes a few minutes... So don't hesitate and experience the whole world of Nightshade!

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