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Our agency attends to artists of several kinds in concern to get concerts and other engagements. In this section you find info about all acts we work with, as well as news belonging to this. If you are interested in booking someone in our roster for an event, please contact Otti via booking@nightshade-music.de - Other contact dates can be found at the botton of this website.
The same applies to interested artists and partners (organizers, club owners etc.) that want to get regular updates via our mailing list.

Roster: News: We present:
Atomic Neon
Eden weint im Grab
Illusion Of Light
Little Dead Boy
Sharon Next
To Resist Fatality
Transit Poetry
dAVOS "Tour d'Amour 2012" - First Gigs

The first gigs of this year´s dAVOS Tour are announced:

dAVOS - Tour d'Amour 2012
(Präsentiert von: Dark Spy, Nightshade, Rock´n´Metal, SLAM)
11.05.2012 AT-Graz - Event Center Loft
12.05.2012 AT-Salzburg - Club B.Lack
07.06.2012 D-Köln - MTC (mit Atomic Neon und Candyslade)
08.06.2012 D-Herdorf - Rattenloch
09.06.2012 D-Duisburg - Pulp (Konzert 16 Uhr - Im Rahmen des GFN-Marktes)
15.06.2012 AT-Wien - Fledermaus
16.06.2012 D-Ebersbach - OKV
22.06.2012 AT-Marbach an der Donau - Festsaal
(to be continued)

The Search - First tourdates 2012

In 2012 The Search will tour the German languaged countries for the first time extensively. Here are the first dates:

THE SEARCH - Tour 2012
(Presented by: Dark Spy, Nightshade, Rock'n'Metal, SLAM)
30.03.2012 D-Walbeck - Friedenseiche (+Support) - www.friedenseiche.eu
31.03.2012 D-Muehlheim an der Ruhr - TIC Club - www.tic-club.de
03.04.2012 AT-Kufstein - (to be confirmed)
05.04.2012 D-Herdorf - Rattenloch - www.rattenloch-herdorf.de
06.04.2012 D-Bredehorn (nearBockhorn) - Soundcheck
(to be continued)

Eden weint im Grab

Spooky, sometimes morbid and always diversified, that´s the music of Eden weint im Grab. At one day mastermind Alexander Paul Blake and his men invite you to the "Geysterstunde", on the other day they decompose the lyric of German poet Georg Trakl. Somewhere between genius and madness, between gothic and metal, between poetry and bitter reality exists the EwiG universe and therewith reaches a constatly growing horde of fans. Be invited to the midnight dance!


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