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Advocatus Diaboli

Genre: Rock/Gothic/Wave


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The origin of the word Advocatus Diaboli comes from the clerical law of the 16th and 17th century and means 'lawyer of the devil' in latin. So a clergyman played the Advocatus Diaboli at a canonization and searched for reasons to prevent the canonization. In contrast to the lawyer of God (Advocatus Dei) who represents the other side. The lawyer of the devil is a speaker against his own camp. Later he even becomes famous in theatres.

"I'm a part of the part, who was at the beginning everything, a part of the darkness, who gave birth to the light." (Faust, Goethe)]

Driven from dancable, driving beats, guitar-riffs which rocks and expressive bass sounds, the diabolish fundament rises, on which the full of suspense, electronic sound landscapes, with the significant male and the bewitched female chant, unite to a thrilling symphony of the darkness, so that none of your parts of the body can stand still.
It is time for new rituals.

This gothic-wave-formation, born in 1996, provides a lot of attention, with many gigs (e.g. with "Das Ich", "ASP" and Zeraphine) as well as the impressive first LP 'Enter your forest'. It is sure that the independent songs of the band are not only known to you by the presentations in clubs, but also through the different gothic samplers, like for example 'Gothic is what u make it - Vol1', on which you can find the lawyers with bands like "Das Ich" and "Scream Silence".
The consistently positive feedback of the public reaches from "dance of the dead on a high level" to "Gothic Rock at its best".

Together with the innovative gothic label "Sonorium" from Frankfurt, the lawyers of a different kind have set the course for their future. On the LP "Sterbend durch die Sonne", released in June 2004, the lawyers of the devil kidnap you with more pressure and more facets in their fascinating world of sounds.

More information about this wonderful band you can find on their homepage www.advocatus-diaboli.net.
Besides other information there you can find their whole history since 1996.

Line-Up 2005
Christoph Hösch - Bass
Daniel Klee - Guitars
Thomas Jäkel - Vocals, Guitar, Sampling, Programming, Synthies
Gary Thomas - Synthies [live]
Linda Weinmann - Vocals

Advocatus Diaboli - Enter your Forest [2001]
(Distributor: SX-Distribution Label: own production)

Advocatus Diaboli - Sterbend durch die Sonne [2004]
(Distributor: SX-Distribution Label: Sonorium)

Advocatus Diaboli - Sternenmarsch [2006]
(Distributor: icare Media Label: Sonorium)

Tanz mit mir (1999)
Escapatience (1998)
Darkside of Spring (1997)

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